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a month ago

OmniCode v2


OmniCode v2 is a new major version which comes with the new Library panel. You can download it here.

Library panel

This new panel is a central place for Sciter docs and samples:

It is deeply integrated with Intellisense F12 (Go To Definition) for showing documentation for known TIScript APIs and CSS properties.

It contains the following tabs:

  • Docs and Docs pages: documentation found in the Sciter's official SDK easily accessible
  • Docs extra: more documentation and utilities written by MI Software
  • LibConsole: API documentation for this TIScript library (more detaits to come..)
  • SDK Samples: offers an easy way to browse and search Sciter's SDK samples
  • Playground: let's you browser a collection of open-source Sciter samples crafted by MI Software

Visual Studio shortcut to open it: CTRL + E + H (for remembering, H means help).

This panel is also found in Omni, but was redesigned for better organization, so you may find it familiar. (Omni v2 is on the way with this new design).

6 months ago

Plenty of updates


OmniCode v1.8Download, Changelog

This is a major update for OmniCode with maaany improvements, and is already tested for VS 2015 Update 3. Among the new features, here are the highlights:

  • TIScript auto-completion now lists all available HTML elements IDs for self# statements:

  • Highlighting for strings that span multiple lines:

  • Added CTRL + E + G shortcut to, VS it opens your browser and searches any selected text in Google / GitHub, pretty handy

OmniViewmore info, source-code

I've made many improvements to this tool. One major one is that it nows recreates the child Sciter window whenever you edit your HTML (while same TIScript VM is preserved); previously, it was always the same HWND, so when you reloaded the page, event-handlers and popups could be kept 'alive'.

OmniFiddlermore info

  • Updated with fixes
  • Added a proper app icon:
  • Added a Recent File List to open recent shared Fiddles, so it allows you to edit then after closing the app:
8 months ago

Many updates


Omni v1.6Download, Changelog

Many improvements to the Library/Samples window so now you can navigate Sciter samples much easier.

OmniCode v1.6Download, Changelog

OmniCode is now adding Intellisense support based on your HTML code. It means that TIScript Intellisense now knows about your HTML DOM tree so, given a CSS selector in TIScript, you can find where lies the corresponding HTML piece (with F12/Go to Definition). I am just begging this support, so expect many features to be added.

Also, now the CSS editor features the standard colorpicker from VS:


OmniView v1.3more info

OmniView now supports VS2013. I did it because sometimes a bloated VS2015 instalattion, full of extensions, can be really slow, so I normally switch to VS2013 which is more lightweight.

9 months ago

OmniCode v1.4 and limited-time offer


v1.4 update can be downloaded here.

The now improved extension provides full Intellisense support for user defined symbols in TIScript editor. You can browse your own classes, namespaces, functions, and variables, in addition to the already supported browsing of the built-in APIs.

OmniCode presentation is updated with a glimpse of all features of this extension. Check the changelog for all new stuff I added in v1.4.

This is a major milestone of this product, so I am pleased to give it a limited-time price offer: $59 for an Indie license.

If you wanna test out the new features and have already expired your 30 days trial period, just send me an e-mail and I will send you another 15 days license.

Here is a experience of the new Sciter specific CSS editor: