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14 days ago

Omni v2.2


Omni v2.2 brings an adition to the samples you find in the Playground: samples with native binaries behind them.

Until now, the Playground allowed only to view HTML/CSS/script based samples, which are download from the GitHub repo here.

Now, those samples can also download .NET assemblys with native code.

Before loading the samples HTML, I search for any .dll or .exe, and use C# reflection to find any SciterEventHandler derived class and register them as native-behaviors.

If you are concerned about security (I would too), plz, trust me because only native samples I created are published.

So, for example, the NativeOxyPlot sample from Playground uses OxyPlot C# library to render charts, where the real drawing is done using a Sciter native-behavior (as described in this post):

I have plans to make the entire Library a free standalone application (the window which you find in Omni and OmniCode and where Playground is located). Stay tunned!

a month ago

Omni v2


Omni v2 is a new major version of Omni: F12 inspector/debugging tools for Sciter.

It was completly rewritten in C#, and among many updates, comes with the new Library panel (see here a description).

Download and trial it!



8 months ago

Many updates


Omni v1.6Download, Changelog

Many improvements to the Library/Samples window so now you can navigate Sciter samples much easier.

OmniCode v1.6Download, Changelog

OmniCode is now adding Intellisense support based on your HTML code. It means that TIScript Intellisense now knows about your HTML DOM tree so, given a CSS selector in TIScript, you can find where lies the corresponding HTML piece (with F12/Go to Definition). I am just begging this support, so expect many features to be added.

Also, now the CSS editor features the standard colorpicker from VS:


OmniView v1.3more info

OmniView now supports VS2013. I did it because sometimes a bloated VS2015 instalattion, full of extensions, can be really slow, so I normally switch to VS2013 which is more lightweight.

1 years ago

Omni v1.5


Omni v1.5 update can be downloaded here.


  • Library / Docs: fixed wrong paths to Sciter docs pages
  • Library / wiki: replace by Library / Docs extra
  • OmniCode integration: in VS, when you press Ctrl + E + R, it opens the current .html document in Omni (with auto-refresh and always-on-top turned ON)
  • Front-page: a warning is now shown if a Omni version update is available for download
  • Front-page: added a small button for allowing switching the GFX backend
  • Fixed: Sciter debug messages from views other than main one where not being shown in the Console output
  • Update to Sciter