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IconBundler for Sciter


IconBundler is a handy desktop tool for Windows and macOSX to help you work with icons in Sciter apps.

With it, you use Fontello to select which icons you desire, and it will automatically generate the CSS icon font which you @import in you HTML for quickly using the icons.

Alternativaly you can also use icons as SVG since it allows you to copy the SVG path of each icon.

For using it, place the executable in a folder of your project where you want it to generate the .css/.ttf files. Then use the following workflow:

  1. run IconBundler app -> Fontello site will automatically open
  2. in Fontello, choose the icons you want and then click the 'Save session' button:
    IconBundler automatically regenerates the icon font whenever you 'Save session'
  3. in your HTML @import the icon font:
    <style>@import url(test.css);</style>
  4. in IconBundler, just click an icon you want in order to copy its HTML tag like <i .icon-close />
  5. place the copied HTML in your own HTML where you want the icon to appear

Download for Windows (64 bits)

Download for macOSX

The free version allows you to work with up to 5 icons.

For purchasing full version fill the form bellow:



3 months ago

FontDrop beta


FontDrop is an desktop app (Windows and macOS) for designers and web developers which automates tasks related to fonts and typhography. The greatest features:

  • choose you prefered font from a listing (> 30.000 cataloged) and install it in a single-click
  • drag'n'drop fonts directly to Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign to create a new text layer or apply it to the selected layers
  • restore missing fonts functionality for Photoshop and Illustrator

This newest MI Software product was built entirely witch Sciter technology (C# backend).


We are opening it for anyone to try it in its beta phase. We are eager to hear your feedback.

So download it at!